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good morning. Correct spelling, explanation: the correct spelling is good morning because good is an adjective and morning is a noun, and in English, it is customary to separate adjectives from nouns with a space. Therefore, good morning is the only proper way to write the phrase, which is commonly used as a greeting to say hello or express.

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1. If you search Google images for "good morning" you will discover that the following occur on greetings cards: Good Morning! good morning! GOOD MORNING!

Good Morning Wishes Good Morning Pictures

1. "Always believe something wonderful is about to happen." —Unknown. If good morning quotes aren't enough to get you out of bed, these tips will make waking up in the morning a lot easier.

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Morning is always beautiful when I know that I have you by my side. Have an amazing morning, my love. Good morning, beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful day and feel the same level of joy that I'm feeling right now. Wake up, sleepy head! You have me to cuddle with today, so let's get this day started together.

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Go to Engram. Back to Main. A or B. How to. Lists. "Goodmorning" is the incorrect variation of the word "good morning." "Good morning" is a standard morning greeting in English. It is a friendly and polite way to wish someone well at the beginning of the day.

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1. "Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.". - Ralph Waldo Emerson. 2. "I get up every morning and it's going to be a great day. You never know when it's.

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Here are some examples to help you understand more about it: Correct: Good morning, kind sir! I hope you're doing well on this fine day. Incorrect: It's not a particularly goodmorning, but I'm pleased to be here. Correct: Okay, it's not a good morning. At least you showed up to work, though.

Good Morning Wishes Good Morning Pictures

Best Good Morning Quotes with Images. 1. "Write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year." —Ralph Waldo Emerson. 2. "Being happy or sad, gloomy or excited, moody or stable… are options that are presented to you every morning. You just have to make the right choice." —Lisa Lieberman-Wang.

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good morning. Correct spelling, explanation: the phrase good morning should be spelled with a space between the words. Good morning is a common greeting used to wish someone a pleasant start to their day, and it is considered a two-word phrase. Writing goodmorning as one word is not grammatically correct, as it combines the adjective good with.

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Used as a greeting when meeting someone for the first time in the morning. "Good morning, Joan," said Judy at 9:00 AM. The host began with "Good morning, your majesties, presidents, prime ministers and other dear guests." "Good morning, Joey. Want to play on the slide at recess?" asked the five-year-old. 2019 December 15, Hugh Graham, Alice Hutton.

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Good Morning Images With Flowers Gud Mrng Images

I just wanted to say how thankful I am that you're in my life." "Waking up next to you is my favorite." "Good morning, love of my life! So thankful I get to do life with you." "Morning! Hope your work day goes great. I'll be thinking of you." "There's only one more day left until I get to see you!

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Have a great day ahead. Good morning! May the sun shower you with blessings and prosperity in the days ahead. Good morning! Everyday is a fresh start, leave behind yesterday's chaos and move ahead in life. Positive affirmation of the day: I have every little thing I need to make today the best day ever.

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What about "good afternoon"? Typically, "good morning" is capitalized only when it's used as a salutation at the beginning of a letter or email. The same rule applies to "good afternoon.". Don't capitalize it unless it's a salutation in a letter or email.

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